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How This Began

“I was walking into my living room on this fine Autumn day and I remembered my friend Autumn who's grandmother was from Ukraine which reminded me of Perogies which got me wondering where does that name come from. Is it an amalgamation of per rogue-ies as in "one Perogie per rogue agent of the KGB?”

Stories like these are the beginning of too many recipe websites.

My journey with recipe websites begins in 2015. I set out to help bloggers with a tool that helps their readers share content and get more engaged.

Food bloggers are an awesome bunch. They’re super passionate creators who want to do something that they love and earn a little money on the side with dreams of making it big one day!

I ended up creating software for food bloggers to market their recipes.

My Fan Went  Whirrrrrrrr

One day, as I was debugging the software, I noticed my laptop fan was going crazy and my laptop appeared to want to take flight.

When I looked into what was causing this, I realized it was a customer’s website.

I noticed a trend where these food blogs were getting really painful to use due to the number of ads. These ads were so heavy and numerous that they were slowing down my whole computer.

That's when I made the drastic decision.

I was all too aware of internet ad-blockers but I didn’t use one because I believed it was unfair to creators. In exchange for free content, I see some ads.

However, there's a balance. To me, my computer becoming unusable due to ads was the breaking point.

So, I turned on an ad-blocker. So have 1 in 4 people in the United States.

I should be very clear that food bloggers don't use ads because they’re evil and greedy. They’re simply trying to help pay for a passion of theirs and often are barely breaking even. Even with all those ads.

To make matters worse, to compete in this search engine ranking game, they end up padding these recipe posts with what can only be described as … life stories.

These life stories however are very unpopular with readers:

Fixing Internet Recipes

With Recipestack, I’m taking 6 years of knowledge of this space and providing a solution.

I truly believe that people will pay for good content. This is not a heretical statement today at all. Many startups are making the same bet.

Today, I’d like to offer food bloggers and people who want to share their recipes, a simple way to publish their recipes online, including a newsletter and even an ability to charge for their content through a premium Private Recipe Club subscription.

If you’ve always wondered what it takes to start a food blog or website, you no longer have to wonder. We’ve made it as simple as posting to Facebook.

Please sign up on our waiting list and try it out! I would love to help you follow your passion.

Thank you 🙏,
- Gezim Hoxha

Started at the Bottom...

It took me 6 years to get to this point and I’ve learned the hard way that a willing a startup into existence is not possible.

I thank God for leading me to this point, my parents for making all this sacrifice by migrating (is refugee-ing a word?) to a new country 21 years ago 🇨🇦. I thank my wife and kids for putting up with this crazy startup roller coaster🎢 and the Edmonton startup community for being the village that’s so required to raise a startup.